Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care

The Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care приватний університет, який пропонує випускникам програму навчання в галузі охорони здоров'я та соціальних наук. В ВУЗі навчається більш ніж одна тисяча студентів і більш ніж 90 викладачів, компетентні в різних наукових областях, що працюють на постійних і тимчасових контрактах.

Місія The Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care є надання своїм студентам освіти високого рівня освіти, роблячи акцент на просуванні наукових досліджень. Водночас, основні цілі університету задовольнити потреби студентів в галузі охорони здоров'я.

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Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care
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Про школу

The Academy was founded in 2000 by the Vocational Development Centre in Warsaw, a non-profit educational institution established in the 19th century. The Academy is situated in one of the most picturesque places in Poland— the Old Town in Warsaw. Adjacent to the historic Old Town, the Academy premises comprise lecture rooms, research centres and laboratories. With over ten years of experience, the Academy provides its students with an education in the interdisciplinary fields of health care and health protection.

Members of the academic staff are experts in medicine, cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry, technology, quality assurance systems and the marketing of consumer goods, primarily cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Over ten years of academic tradition also means that a number of Academy teachers are recruited from among the Academy graduates.

These are not only remarkable scientists with higher academic degrees that deliver lectures and run courses at the Academy. An important group of academic teachers constitute practitioners who hold prominent positions in business, industry and in the institutions responsible for health policy and social welfare in Poland. Students, therefore, are taught by both remarkable theorists and successful practitioners who have the first-hand experience of the realities of the market.

Over a decade of teaching experience is also reflected in the Academy´s unique curricula which offer a wide selection of courses within the framework of the ECTS system. Irrespective of the chosen programme of study, from the second year on students advance their knowledge by choosing specialized courses.

One of the major objectives of the Academy educational policy is not just to respond to the needs of the present-day labour market, but to anticipate its future trends in the broad context of social and civilizational changes. This assumption underlies the efforts of the Academy staff to actively promote Podology as a rapidly growing academic discipline and health care specialisation, whose rising importance responds to civilizational and demographic changes in technologically advanced societies.

Students´ theses are based on research findings that come from their own experimental work, supervised by the Academy staff. The adopted approach guarantees that students obtain thorough theoretical knowledge and sound practical skills within the areas significant for the functioning of a modern democratic society.

The Academy holds classes and lectures in the premises let to it by its founder, the Vocational Development Centre in Warsaw. Along with lecture rooms, provided with professional multimedia equipment, at students´ disposal are: state-of-the-art cosmetic chemistry laboratories, professional esthetic cosmetology and podology practice rooms, a cosmetics efficacy testing laboratory and a cell culture laboratory.

The Academy has its own well-equipped reading room and a library with a collection of specialist publications in cosmetology, commodity science, healthcare and social sciences. In addition to scientific books and journals, students have a free access to a network of international online scientific fulltext databases.

The Academy is committed to excellence in preparing its students for professional life. Due to the fact that the Academy cooperates with students´ prospective employers, organizing on-the-job training and summer internships, students gain professional experience in the course of study. Additionally, the Academy itself offers commercial services in cosmetology and esthetic podology in the form of student practice. This policy of combining theory with practice accounts for the increasing popularity of the Academy with students not only from Poland, but also from other countries.


Applicants for the first year of the first-cycle studies are required to submit the following documents:

  • original of the high school diploma and the sworn translation into Polish language of the diploma made by a sworn translator
  • health certificate stating that there are no objections to undertake studies
  • 4 colour photographs (left ear must be visible)
  • photocopy of an ID
  • photocopy of a document to prove the registration fee payment
  • completed Personal Data Sheet

Foreign students are additionally required to submit:

  • document to certify student´s command of Polish or confirmation form the host university that student´s command of Polish is sufficient to undertake studies in Polish
  • photocopy of the passport, valid visa or temporary residence card
  • photocopy of the valid health insurance: for the period of education in Poland students are required to have the health insurance policy in case of injury or illness, European Health Insurance Card or if they do not have any insurance documents, they are required to sign a contract with the NFZ (Polish National Health Fund) immediately after they commence their studies.

Additionally, candidates for the second-cycle studies are required to submit their higher education diploma, providing its sworn translation.

Students and alumni support policy:

  • advisory services
  • presentations, training and workshops devoted to choosing students´ own career path
  • entering the student´s profile into the Academy alumni database, available to prospective employers
  • permanent and temporary job vacancies database
  • meetings with prospective employers, companies´ presentations
  • information about companies, recruitment procedures, training and universities
  • job vacancies database
  • providing help in organizing student practice, and offering internship opportunities e.g. at the Institute of Applied Cosmetology, the Academy´s own student practice centre
  • best graduates can be offered a job at the Institute of Applied Cosmetology, which cooperates with the Academy





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